Sonnabanana.io was created to share quality articles and resources about everything Japan — the country, the language and the culture.

After finding myself frustrated with blogs that brushed over helpful details, I’ve built this site to give you the useful info that you’re after, plus some sass or whatever else I feel like throwing in. Whether you’re in Japan for a few weeks, a few months, or setting out on a working holiday, Sonnabanana is here to serve you plenty of top-tier advice and insights (as decided by me) to get the most out of your time in the land of Hello Kitty and heated toilet seats.

What the Fudge is SonnaBanana?

This blog was named after an outdated and uncool Japanese phrase, ‘sonna bakana!’, usually shortened to ‘sonna banana!’. Back in the day, it was used to express surprise or disbelief, but, disappointingly, doesn’t get much airplay anymore. If it’s misheard, it also translates to ‘that banana!’, which is hilarious, and you’re wrong if you don’t agree.

Turns out a company has brought this great saying to a whole new generation, naming their chocolate-inserting-device-for-bananas after the phrase. Legends.